Jaime’s Martial Arts is a family owned and operated martial arts school that has been serving the Northern California Area for over 35 years. Located in Rocklin, CA; our goal is to build confident and disciplined leaders through martial arts and self defense training. We teach Taekwondo, Kali (escrima), self defense and life skills


Our Facility

  • olympic quality training mats

  • weighted training bags

  • 40+ training targets and bags

  • Bathrooms

  • Lobby Seating for Audience Members

  • Lobby TV with current announcements


Structured and fun programs created to help you accomplish your goals. Our Programs are based on 50+ Years of research, training and development

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Back to school Special:

3 Weeks of Classes $39 (Includes a student uniform)

Offer Ends August 31, 2019. Available to New Members Only

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